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The origins of Buxton University

Buxton University has envolved over three decades into the international Distance Learning and Assessment Institution it is today. The original Buxton College of Business and Technology was formed in England in 1973 as a private degree granting body offering degrees in business and technology area.

The policy of Buxton University today is to continue to ensure that is corporate structure and procedures are always compliant with the relevant legislation and that remains able to offer its degrees legally in the UK as well as to the global market.

Buxton University, its programmes and its degrees conform to the UK relevant legislation. On May 4th 1990, Buxton University obtained accreditation from the I.A.B after its academics policies and corporate structure had been satisfactorily examined.

Master : 6 year course - requiring 150 standard College Credits or equivalent.

Doctorate : 8 year course - requiring 180
standard College Credits or equivalent.

Buxton University offers distance programmes and portfolio assessment. Complementing short residential concentrations are offer.

Buxton University - Graduate Records Office

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